Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Itching for a Fantasy game?

Calling all those Fantasy players, old and new, to bring their armies on the 15th Jan and 22nd Jan to Legio. I will be bringing my army and we definitely can have a game or two. For all those newbies to Fantasy, may this be a Demo game for you all to watch.
I will also give some tips and teach the rules during the game. So if you have any models lying around please bring them along.
These models need not be painted if you have not done so but atleast assemble them.
Proxy can be used for begginers.
Normal Fantasy game is 2000 points. But just let me know how many points you have and I will accomodate accordingly.
Jeff, Iz and Peter are also ardent Fantasy players, who I am sure are willing to teach a thing or two.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Brothers in arms,
I started wargaming in the year 2004....yup Fantasy. It just happened that I was scratch building a mini bar in my gf's house(now wife) and I needed something to decorate the bar. At that time LOTR was big and I wanted to have to miniature Frodo and gang on top of bar. So, I was hunting for some nice LOTR minis, when I ended up in Wolf's place. His brother Bryan was there and I saw a nice box of Fellowship of the Ring minis.....just the thing that I wanted....WOW! So I enquired the price and this is what he asked 'Do you game?'
Me:Huh? *Blur*...
Bryan:You know, do you paint them and play with them?
Me:Paint? Play? What d'ya mean?

And with that question a new wonderful hobby was introduced to me....
Ogre Kingdom was my first army...and used to play regularly with none other than Izkazri. There were other guys, Bryan(Skaven), Uncle Pete(High Elves), Prabha(High Elves)
Wang(Wood Elves), Rajan(Empire, Tomb Kings)etc etc.
Then I bought a second hand Dark Eldar from Wolf(intro 40K)about end 2006.....from then on, my hobby just grew.Painting, modelling, conversions and terrain building. I have to say there are some thing that I became very good at and somethings that needs improvement.

Sometime in the begining of 2008 I saw a post from Jeff Brooks on Wolf's Website, suggesting for a gamers get together and my arse just blew up.
This is it! This is what all of us gamers were looking for... 'A Cool Hobby Club' and Jeff was kind enough to let us use the factory for this. It was my first hobby club and it is definitely the coolest. I knew, my friend, Iz, will be there.
Met some really cool guys there, too. Azlan,Khairul,Arzmi,Peter C,Kadir,Shazli,Alvin, Md.Faizal,Iqbal....is just to name a few.

Come June 2008... SPORE! My first time, going overseas for a tourney.....my arse blew up for the second time. Alot of new faces, new experience and alot of fun. Furthermore, I won the best painted army! Prize SGD50/-...hee hee hee.
2009 was uneventful for me, I had to juggle between work and play....and work over-ruled play all the time. But whatever the cost I always had Friday nights,Free.
2010 might be the same for me, I guess.
Before I go, I really have to say that my wife has been very understanding and supportive of my hobby, for that I am grateful to her.

Have a Wonderful New Year.

Ave Legio.