Monday, December 27, 2010

White Scar Project Part 2- The Rhino & Assault Marines

For the Khan and Emperor!!!!

Sorry to disappoint all of you who were thinking that the Rhino is gonna look all white. Well that would be boring wouldn't it?
The White Scar logo is done free hand coz I hadn't mastered the Decal transfer part yet.
Mr. Jeff Brooks was very helpful on the advice on the Decal transfer and his video on Decal transfers on Youtube was awesome. Thanks Jeff.
Now I gotta get back to the Bikes.....more hobby fun!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The White Scar project- Part 1

I got 2 boxes of Ravenwing Battleforce from Alvin and 1 SM Battle force from S'pore PI and soon started working on the bikes. Man, painting white is so tiresome and dirty.
As you can see, I have all accessories needed for the project.
From bottom left, clockwise.... Paints, ashtray, 'Mukukku' in a jar, sand in the dice box, crumpled disposeble glove, laptop(charger) with Metallica...full blast, all time favorite Bugs Bunny water cup, paint brush, and smack in the center are the bikes. You can see the progress from the top, Assembled bikes, Spray painted bikes and the ones with Chaos Black painted on them.
This is how far I have gone.
More pictures will follow.