Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ork Barricades.

As I am preparing for this year 'non-secret' army, I got my hands on some cool Ork Barricades. We can use this on the Ork Table and go for a game of Planetstrike.
Following the rules as 'Aegis Defence Lines'


Some of the finished barricades.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Visit to P.Infinatum, S'pore.

I was in P.I. Singapore on last Wed and here is what I got.
Finally, my army bag.....a well deserved treat for X-mas and a month of hardwork,I guess. What is the red box, you may ask, well that, my friends, is a box of Dark Elves Corsairs, which I am gonna convert to....wait for it.......DE pirates.
Now, raise your hand those of you who have shat their pants, at this point.
They look meaner and more spikier that the normal DE.
Hope they make the new DE models like this.
I will be going back there again....coz they have a box of Aegis Defence Lines that I wanna get my hands on. Trust me guys the stuff there is cheaper than in M'sia.
The army bag - RM220/-
DE Corsairs - RM75/-

Thursday, December 10, 2009

28mm round bases

I have bought a box of dark elves cosairs and would like to convert them to Dark Eldars. Trust me they look meaner.
Unfortunately, I need about 10pcs of 28mm round bases.
So if you guys have some unused 28mm for donation or sale, let me know.
Your kindness will be repaid.....a swift painless death?
Ok...I will have a chat with the Master Hemonculus and maybe he will spare you the misery of torture.
Ave Legio.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Big thanks to brothers, Arzmi and Khairul for their idea and support at Legiomalaysia.The Dark Father wishes all success on their effort and organisation of the doubles tournament, 'KINDRED'.
For more information go to