Saturday, November 22, 2008

Best Painted Army - Singapore Tourney 8th June 2008


Scott said...

Hey Doc, that is a sweet army!! How about a picture of the complete set??

Very nice indeed *grin*

deathkorps said...

That is definitely a nice Dark Eldar host. I'm looking forward to you getting back in town Doc so we can get a game (and play Mighty Empires!!)

Sidestreaker said...

Nicely done, brilliant color scheme!

by doc selvam said...

Thanks guys....I will be back on the 7th and am looking forward for many many games.3 months without a single game can drive a person insane.
I have added another raider to my Kabal this will increase their capability in carrying out slave raid more effectively.
Jeff,Mighty empire tiles are in Wolf's place and maybe we can get some more Fantasy players to get into a campaign.

deathkorps said...

I already have a complete Mighty Empires set- all I need to do is paint the tiles!

Hey, if you're going to get back on the 7th you should join The League. Deadline is the 5th, so if you like email me your 1500 point list and I'll get you registered.