Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ork Armoured Division and Transports.

The Might of the Armoured Division- Battlewagon with Killkannon and The Klaws.

Extremely modified Looted Wagon with Boomgun

And finally the Trukks with Boarding planks and Wrecking ball.


spunkybass said...

nice! your orky mech inf must go up against my brandenburg mech inf sometime soon ... should be a fast game! lol

by doc selvam said...

Just don't let Ghazhkull come anywhere near your tanks. You see, he's got this huge can opener on his left hand. Any unsuspecting tanks that strays too close to him will get the point don't you?

Alvin said...

Wah wah wah, that's a nice division you have there... Can't wait to go head to head with you again. See you when you get back!

khairul said...

Great job doc!! Really envy your conversion skills. Hope to test it against my wild host soon ;)

by doc selvam said...

Orky konvershuns ar easy.
There wuz no problem faced by Big Mek wif these konvershuns. Da undiciplined Warboss Alvin will be thought da lesson on whus da real boss. An Wild Hos....Waaargh Waaargh Waaargh *really f***ed up laugh*

Lord AK said...

Nice lah Doc.. If there's enough luck, let us have a good fight. This time in the year 40k.

by doc selvam said... looks like the only event that I can go to this year is the Spore Con and I would like to bring my Orks there for a visit.
Therefore, I need them to prepare for the Waaagh!