Saturday, July 23, 2011

White Scar Thunderhawk

Day 1 - 3
The Thunder hawk project has finally kicked off. I started with templates that I downloaded from the net and so far it is coming on, quite the way I wanted it to look.

The skeleton of the cockpit almost complete.

Started work on the back part of the gunship. A marine stands there for size comparison.

The main wings can be slotted in so it is easier for me to move it around.
Now to start painting and adding the details.


deathkorps said...

Wow that was fast! :)

khairul said...

Go go go Doc!!!!

I've never seen a real thunderhawk model. This is sooooo gonna be awesome.

Keep us posted pleaseeeee :)

by doc selvam said... a lots of free time.
Tomorrow is paint and details. Still no engine....its in KL.

spunkybass said...

that's fast ... nice going ... looks huge

dif2find said...

way to go doc... sweetness.

Faizal said...

another fellow scratch builder!! good luck dude, keep us posted!

spunkybass said...

how's the big bird coming along?