Friday, August 12, 2011

Duke Sliscus the Serpent

Lately I have been working on Duke Sliscus the Serpent.
Since GW didn't come out with the model yet I had to kit bash the Duke. His body is from the DE Archon, upper limbs from Dark Elf Corsairs and the head.....Ravenwing Captain.
I gave him a white cape instead of going for a usual dark colour, for I want him to stand out during my raids.
He is definitely in my army list from now onwards.


deathkorps said...

More progress- excellent! :)

khairul said...

Yup, nice progress Doc.

So how many new additions/models do u have in yr new dark eldar list?

And when u coming back?? We haven't played in ages :)

by doc selvam said...

I have also kit-bashed 4 Grotesque for the enjoyment of the Hemonculi Ancient. I will Post it up soon.

@Jeff- You are my inspiration.
I should be back in Sept till mid Oct and will be definitely going down to KL for a game.

Lord AK said...

I really like that idea using the DA head. Consider it stolen hahaha

spunkybass said...

nice work dude ... this is going to be a great looking Kabal