Sunday, January 1, 2012

Commander Shadowsun

Finally it is complete.

3rd Jan 2012- Updated the photo.


Vuel said...

I know how hard it is to paint white and yellow..very well done dude!

by doc selvam said...

...and I am still learning with trails and error with the white paint.

FourEyedMonster said...

Not sure if this will help, or if you might have seen it before.

Nice work by the way.

deathkorps said...

Hard to see the detail here- the shot is dark and seems a bit out of focus. I think I'm seeing some pinks and blues there along with the white. Are you going for a mother of pearl type look to the armor?

Very cool to see you doing Tau dude!!!

by doc selvam said...

@FourEyedMonster- Ya I have read the post. It is good if you are painting many models at the same time but for individual models I prefer starting from C.Black and slowly work yourself up with grey and then S.White.

@Jeff- You are right, it is a bad quality photo. I have updated the photo...hopefully it looks clearer that the first one.
The colours on the armour is due to radiation...I suppose that was a bad idea though.

khairul said...

Any more progress on yr tau doc?
I'm assuming this isn't a one off project :)
And who doesn't love the tau skimmer design.
U gotta have those!!!

by doc selvam said...

Actually I bought a second hand tau army which I stripped and repainted Just collecting the Commanders now.
I have Shas 'O R'myr and Commander Shas 'O R'alai from the Forgeworld. And now Commander Shadowsun.
WIP on the two Forgeworld models are ongoing.