Thursday, May 3, 2012


As the Legio Malaysia's B'day is just around the corner, I came up with this to celebrate our heroes of Legio.
On top is our standard bearer and the pillar of Legio, Mr Jeff "Salamander" Brooks. A lot of credit should be given to him for tolerating and accommodating the Legio members.
On his left, is Khairul Effendy, represented as his favorite chapter, the Angels Sanguine. He has organized many leagues and tournament in Legio, namely Kindred, a 40K doubles tournament, which is an annual event.
On Jeff's right we see our beloved hero Azlan Ramli. Well, more than half the terrains in Legio belongs to him and without Jeff and him, there would be no Legio Malaysia Chapter at all.
Now on the ground....well that is Arzmi who is represented as an injured Grey Knight, his favorite chapter. He is missing in the gaming scene at the moment but his contributions to Legio will not be forgotten.
On the foreground is Alvin in the CSM Alpha Legion. He is the guy who can quench the gamers thirst for more models. He is the man to look for your need in this hobby/gaming world.
One guy missing is, Iqbal Rahim, Our friendly, photographer and the backbone of Legio. He will be represented by another Chaos Space in progress and will post up the photo soon.
Because of all this hard work, I presented myself there also....well that's me in my favorite Chapter, The White Scars.


khairul said...

Awww shouldn't have Doc :)
Please please please post pics of the diorama from more angles esp one showing the proud angels sanguine hehhehee.

Nice one Doc!!!

Vuel said...

awesome dude!..hahaha..

since both me and Alvin are Alpha Legion, you've made us as the enemies, is it? the way, you've forgotten that there's another Alpha Legion in the picture, disguising as a Salamander ;)

deathkorps said...

Holy cow that's awesome! You rock dude

by doc selvam said...

Thanks guys. I have some minor adjustment to do.
1) The Flag - I gotta make it bigger and I have the right thing for it.
2) Finish the second Alpha Legion CSM
3) Take better photo shots of it.