Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dust Warfare - Allied Light Walker

Finished the Allied Light Walker Law M1-B Thunderhawk.
WIP - The infantry models from the revised box set.


khairul said...

Looking good Doc :) We definitely need to have a game next time you come down.

Grimfang said...

good lookin' doc. btw from where u got the revised set and for how much?

doc selvam said...

Thanks bet. We will game when I come back to KL.
@Grimfang- I got this guy from toybox Poslaju it to me for Rm210/-.

Half set of Allies from the Original set is on the way from a guy from M'sia Miniature Pasar....for Rm 160/-. So will be having about 250 points of Allies soon.

deathkorps said...

Nice job dude!

deathkorps said...
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