Sunday, July 22, 2012


I am using the Skragg the Slaughterer model as my Ogre Kingdom's Slaughtermaster.
Just finished painting it.


Khairul Effendy said...

Nice paintjob there Doc. When you coming down to Shah Alam. Incentive for me to bring out my lizzies ;)

Lord AK said...

Nicely done bro..

That reminds me. There's still a lot of painting to do with my DE

doc selvam said...

Vacation starts in August...will be there definitely. Also, gotta try playing FOW at least once in this pumped up while reading the battle report of the Bagration campaign.

deathkorps said...

Nice job dude! Your bases are looking great as well.

Vuel said...

hmm..a new target for my arrows ;p

you should've joined Golden Kris dude!

doc selvam said...

Thanks for your comments, guys.
Out here in Penang, they love WHF. So mo collection of WHF has gone up tremendously.