Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paint Station - Complete

Completed the Paint Station. I gave it a white paint for a cleaner look and this is how it looks on my table.
As for the question about the sample paint station photo that I posted, I found it on the net and asked Alvin if could bring some in but I think the company turned him down. Reason, they don't export it out of their country.


deathkorps said...

LOL is there a reason you're keeping it secret?

Either way, nice job dude.

doc selvam said...

No secret, bro. I did it in two days.
Today, I painted the vertical panels light blue leaving the outer frame white. With all those trial and errors, I will let you know when I will start mass producing them for sale....dirt cheap.

Vuel said...

Is it a DIY, or you custom made it yourself?

khairul said...

Doc, i'll take 2 please. Actually since we're such good buddies...i'll product test them for your free of charge ;)

Serious Doc, i want them :)

doc selvam said...

@Vuel- Made it myself.
@Khairul- I will make one of them for you but it will be in Balsa wood. Mine is made out of Plywood, which makes it very heavy.
Also I have to adjust the dimensions.

Lord AK said...

Wow.. DIY?! I thought you buy it.
Looks really good Doc

FourEyedMonster said...

Hey Doc! Its me ... Quah aka Foureyedmonster ... we had that long game of Spartacus at Legio and met up again on Saturday together with limp at Hobby Forge ... remember? =) It was great meeting you and hope we can catch next time. Anyways, as promised ... this is the link to my blog