Monday, November 26, 2012

Paint your army challenge@The Outpost, Penang

Paint your army challenge was mooted by Mr. Kwang of The Outpost, Penang to get the gamers to paint up 500pts of minis. I have the half set of AOBR which was lying around in my house which I decided to paint and give them the Space Wolves look. Added some Space Wolves bits too, except for the commander which I painted with the White Scar look. 
I have not done their bases yet and this is how far I have gone with them. I have about a month left.....that's plenty of time to finish them all..

More info at


Khairul Effendy said...

Looking good Doc. Is he shah rukh khan or salman khan?

doc selvam said...

Selvam Khan pun boleh! :)