Monday, December 29, 2008

Recon Report - Sgt. Mallus

+Recon Photos+

+Incoming Message+
++Location- Sector WHC3126/2 SubSector Alpha 3++
+++Sgt.Mallus, Recon Patrol #501+++
From our well hidden location perched above the hill, Delta 377, we could see and observe the entire battlefield....and what we saw was just insane.
The DE pirates were hidden and well into their final preparation for their hunt,but the Nids knew where to find them and within minutes they were all over the Pirates.
The Broodlord took care of one Ravager,but the exploding ravager took 3 genestealers down with it and a Nid warrior immobilised a Raider with the Dark Eldar lord with his Retinue,the Lord and his Retinue escaped unhurt.
On the southern horizon, hordes of Gaunts swarmed towards the DE pirates.
What happened next is totally insane...instead of fleeing in the face of thousands of Gaunts, the DE pressed forward as if they have lost their mind. The mindless Talos led the attack and held on to a number of Gaunts. The DE warriors perched on hill Lambda 297, kept a suppressing fire until they were swarmed by a horde of Gaunts.
We were still reeling from shock when the answer for their insane courage came in a form of smell....that right...above all the smell of blood,faeces and gore came the unmistakable smell of drugs.

Time check: 1330hrs
Blood,limbs and guts litter the battlefield but the battle doesn't seem to abate at all.
The DE pirates are here for one thing only, get a surviving Nid for the master Haemonculus, and the the Nids have only one thing to do, KILL THEM ALL.
We had to duck for cover from the incoming spore bombs a few times and when we looked up again we saw 3 Hellions diving from above to slice the Spore shooters before being massacared by Lictors...
For the next 3 hours our eyes were glued to a fight between the Dark Eldar lord and the Broodlord. The Broodlord lord tore through the Archon's Shadowfield and decapitated him and the Master Incubus disembowled the Broodlord soon after. The rest of the Genestealers and the Incubi were last seen fighting to their deaths, with blood, guts and limbs scattering everywhere.
Now, I suppose the vastly outnumbered DE pirates will flee but....No.
The Raveners circled the Talos and with one stroke they butchered it.
The Haemonculus rallied 5 warriors,jumped onto a Raider and chased after the unit of Ravaners,who were responsible for the destruction of his beloved Talos. The Ravaners had nowhere to run when the Haemonculus caught up and with a spray of acid from the destructor the Raveners were reduced to lumps of flesh.
Meanwhile, after finishing off the Nid warriors, the Wyches killed the injured Carniflex and were facing a fresh horde of Nids.

Time Check: 1845hrs
We are ready to move to our pick-up locations now.
The battle is still raging at this time with fresh hordes of Nids assaulting from the south....the DE pirates are ready to move out too.....they have in their possession 2 Nid slaves. I still cannot believe why the hell, DE's have to go thru all this trouble for slaves.....hope it is worth all the dead Pirates.



deathkorps said...

Cool batrep Doc... where did you play that game? I don't recognize the scenery.

Mohamad Faizal said...

Hi Doc, would love a round with your DE. Will u becomin to Legio this friday? Btw, I'm Faizal, we met briefly during one of hobby nites.

Check out my blog

by doc selvam said...

This Battle happened at the Wolf's shop... problem..what do you play?