Monday, March 9, 2009

Reaver Jetbike Succubus

Meet my new jetbike succubus,she has been given a Punisher and a Tormentor's Helm.
This actively increases her attack by 1 and strength by 1.....did I mention that the Punisher is a power weapon?
Therefore, on charging she gets 4st5 attacks which can be boosted for one more attack with combat drugs.

Tips:If you see her on the battlefield.....kill her.s.a.p.


Legio_Malaysia said...

The pic's a little blurry, but it looks cool. Nice detail work on the base.

Lord AK said...

Doc.. i just realize i never fought you yet.

Will you be joining the Apoc game?
Cool stuff bro..

by doc selvam said...

Ya....I will but I will be trying out my Orks.

GREy K : SUBHAN said...

Doc,,post up some orcs pic..i wanna c..=D