Saturday, December 12, 2009

Visit to P.Infinatum, S'pore.

I was in P.I. Singapore on last Wed and here is what I got.
Finally, my army bag.....a well deserved treat for X-mas and a month of hardwork,I guess. What is the red box, you may ask, well that, my friends, is a box of Dark Elves Corsairs, which I am gonna convert to....wait for it.......DE pirates.
Now, raise your hand those of you who have shat their pants, at this point.
They look meaner and more spikier that the normal DE.
Hope they make the new DE models like this.
I will be going back there again....coz they have a box of Aegis Defence Lines that I wanna get my hands on. Trust me guys the stuff there is cheaper than in M'sia.
The army bag - RM220/-
DE Corsairs - RM75/-


Vuel said...

nice bag, I've ordered one too from Alvin :)

anyway, I used the DE corsairs as Alpha Legion cultists..hahaha :p

by doc selvam said...

Those are cool models, aren't they?
Hey, a big thanks for your offer of those 25mm bases. Really appreciate it man.

Vuel said...

no prob, bro!
that's what friends are for ;)

spunkybass said...

I have a soft spot for PI - that's where my 40k madness started back in 2000. Excellent shop! I'll most certainly be going back there in a coupld of weeks' time

by doc selvam said...

@Azlan- Is the big chinese guy's name, Bear? They gave me a discount after I mentioned your name....they still remember you,of course.
So many things to buy there but they don't have any DE stock at all. :{

deathkorps said...

Cool bag dude!

I haven't visited PI yet, but I plan on it in the near future :)

by doc selvam said...

From now onwards DE's are gonna arrive in style.
@Jeff-you gotta go there man but bring a lots of cash....hee hee hee

alvin said...

I too, vouch for PI. Scored myself some neat, cheap stuff when I was there last...

Lord AK said...

Always wanted an army bag like that.

by doc selvam said...

@Lord AK- Matcha, you gotta get one of these.
The problem is I cannot carry my DE Raiders and Ravager. Guess it is back to the tool box for them.