Thursday, December 10, 2009

28mm round bases

I have bought a box of dark elves cosairs and would like to convert them to Dark Eldars. Trust me they look meaner.
Unfortunately, I need about 10pcs of 28mm round bases.
So if you guys have some unused 28mm for donation or sale, let me know.
Your kindness will be repaid.....a swift painless death?
Ok...I will have a chat with the Master Hemonculus and maybe he will spare you the misery of torture.
Ave Legio.


deathkorps said...

If that's all you need I'm sure I can hook you up with slotted 25mm bases. You might just want to order a mixed bag from GW though- it's pretty cheap.

by doc selvam said...

Slot base should be alright too.
There will be no point for me to get a bag of 28mm bases when I only need 10. Any old used or unused ones will be perfect.
May be you guys can put a small plastic bag or a small box in Legio, so that donors can put them there for me to collect later.
Vuel's got some, he said he could spare.

khairul said...

I'll try to find some doc. No promises though. Have to open all those boxes :)

by doc selvam said...

Thanks guys.

Vuel said...

I've set aside 10 bases for you doc. So, when're you coming back?