Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Combat Patrol List

Kabal of the Disembowlers
Destructor(15), Jetbike(35), Scissorhand(5) Combat Drugs(25)

3 Jetbikes(75)
2 Blasters(20),
Succubus(16), Combat Drugs(25), Punisher(20),
Tormentor's Helm(5), Goblet of Spite(5)

10 Warriors(80)
2 Dark Lances(20), Syabrite(6), Agoniser(20)

TOTAL -397


deathkorps said...

Looks like a fun list to play for Saturday- maybe we'll get matched up...?

khairul said...

Doc, 400 points combat patrol and you bring a darklance....c'mon la doc. There will be no landraiders la.
Give us Klang valley guys a chance to at least get 4th placing la....

Hehehehe. Looking forward to meet up. Since it's now your 'hometown' too, drinks are on you Doc.

by doc selvam said...

I will be travelling with my daughter on Friday to SP and will be in Penang that night itself.
We should have a blast there before the game the next day.
Don't worry about the darklances, I will be worried about the hemonculus.....hee hee hee.

Lord AK said...

Ya lah.. I watch the movie. Edward the scissorhand is a very mean guy. You should watch out there bro :P

While you're at Penang, pack some "Rojak Pasembor" for me bro. I'll pick it up on the next hobby night :lol:.. damn I missed the one at Gurney Drive.

by doc selvam said...

Wei tak-kan nak letak dalam peti sujuk for 1 week?
Rojak pun akan rosak. The Mamak with surely sue me for this insult. Jom la ikut gi penang, makan fresh rojak kan best?

Vuel said...

anything that starts with a 'jet' and ends with a 'bike' would be a huge problem for my army..

anyway..Dark Eldar, Eldar, Blood Angels, CSM, Orks/GK..nice diversity!