Saturday, April 10, 2010

New armies

I am quite surprised that I have actually started, not one but two new table-top armies.
One, is the long awaited Flames of War army. The British Punjabi Rifle Platoon is in it's final stages of painting. Unfortunately, I don't know the rules for the FOW yet.
My second army is Battle Fleet Gothic and I have chosen Dark Eldar pirates to terrorize the universe. I have scratch-built 4 Torture class Cruiser and have ordered 12 Escorts, which I hope to see soon. My battle brother, Khairul, the farseer, was kind enough to teach some of us newbies, the rules of this game.
The complete photos will follow soon.


khairul said...

Looking forward to seeing your dark eldar fleet on the tables Doc. From what i've seen you done so far, they're gonna look awesome. Am sure they will also have some nasty rules that will catch us by surprise.

spunkybass said...

Looking forward to more from da dokta! both the punjabi and the DE!

by doc selvam said...

@Khairul- I am still waiting for my Escorts from Wolf. Also thanks a million to you, for the patients to teach me the game.
@ Azlan- Now I need to learn the rules for FOW....maybe when I come back next time. By then my army should be completely painted.