Saturday, July 24, 2010


My apologies for not blogging for almost 3 months. As you all know, I am stuck in Taiwan and have not been in touch with my hobby, lately. I will soon post some photo's of Orks which I have started painting.
Will be back in August guys.....take care.


khairul said...

Hey my dark bro!!!! How r you bro :)?

Missed u man!! balik m'sia singgah la BKK. I show the 'games' shop ;)

deathkorps said...

About damn time you posted something on your blog! :)

How you doin' dude??!!!

spunkybass said...

hey doc, nice to hear from you .... when do we see these famous new orks? :)

Grimfang said...

hi doc, when r u coming back? good to hear from u again.

by doc selvam said...

@Khairul- I will definitely plan to go to Bangkok, if there are no hurdles. I am ashamed to admit but I have never gone to Bangkok.

Guys...I can go anywhere in the world but if I tell my wife that I am going to Bangkok, she will flip.
Isn't that ironic?
I will post the picture of them Orks soon and I will be back in mid August.

How is the new rules for Fantasy?
Any major changes?

khairul said...

Hahahah. Tell her you're going to Samrong, Samutprakan province to meet me. Thats where i work. Say its far from bkk. Actually district in bkk hahahaha.

Does she read your post?? Opppsss :(

Good to hear from you bro.

Peter said...

hey there doc! I had 2 games of 8th ed Fantasy...500 & 1500 pts....with Dark Elves! gimme a call when u r back....btw the new rulebook is awesome bro!