Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Finally, it is complete.
With parts from Deffkopta, DE Raider and many Orkish it is.
The Ork 'Chinork'. It is a bit smaller that the original model from Forgeworld, but they are Orks.
No two vehicles will look alike. I have mounted 3 Big shootas and twin-linked Rokkit launcha.


deathkorps said...

Great job dude- you are a scratchbuilding monster!

Ivan Ng said...

Awesomely done Doc. That thing looks mean!

by doc selvam said...

Thanks guys....gotta find the rules for it and hopefully Azlan will come up with an Apoc game soon.

Vuel said...

an Apoc game is definitely impending, as somebody else had just bought and assembled a titan..

Lord AK said...

Well done bro.. in fact, in was superbly done!!

We definitely need an Apoc (Just so we can see that in person hahaha)