Friday, September 24, 2010

Skaven Lord from Island of Blood

The first model from Island of blood is complete and trust me there are alots more in the box.
I still need battleforce and some warmachines before I start gaming with them, and of course, I need to finish painting them first!This may take a while (trust me there are alot of them) and hopefully I can game with them by the beginning of next year.
I will be adding a Doomwheel and some othere stuff too.

Spear, hand weapon, heavy armour and alots of attitude.


khairul said...

Looks nice doc :). We should have a game together. Ancient enemies both of our forces.

Where was that pic taken? hahahaa
In your small cabin?? :P

by doc selvam said...

Ya la...I know it is a miserable photo and it has done injustice to the model.