Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The long awaited book has arrived.

There it is gentlemen, the DE codex taking a well deserved rest on my table after I was through with it. For those of you that have not read it yet.....man, there are many new characters, unit choices, upgrades etc. My Archon is never gonna leave Commorragh without his Huskblade or Soul-trap.
Asdrubael Vect is on foot now and much tougher and he can choose if he wants to ride the 'Dias of Destruction', a modified Raider.
Lelith is given so much importance, too.
All in all, a well deserved wait for all us DE players.


khairul said...

hahahaha worth the wait huh Doc :)

That spell that forces my farseers to take leadership test ada lagi ke hehehe???

Bila balik Doc. I'll be in m'sia for 3 wks till end Dec.

by doc selvam said...

'Crucible of Malediction' ada lagi.
Now better...last time it stops when one of your psyker fails or all of the pass but now all psykers must take Ld test and those who fail is removed from play.

I will be there till 8th Dec...hope to see you.

arzmi said...

that is going to kill my inquisition forces doc considering now all grey knights are psykers.