Saturday, December 25, 2010

The White Scar project- Part 1

I got 2 boxes of Ravenwing Battleforce from Alvin and 1 SM Battle force from S'pore PI and soon started working on the bikes. Man, painting white is so tiresome and dirty.
As you can see, I have all accessories needed for the project.
From bottom left, clockwise.... Paints, ashtray, 'Mukukku' in a jar, sand in the dice box, crumpled disposeble glove, laptop(charger) with Metallica...full blast, all time favorite Bugs Bunny water cup, paint brush, and smack in the center are the bikes. You can see the progress from the top, Assembled bikes, Spray painted bikes and the ones with Chaos Black painted on them.
This is how far I have gone.
More pictures will follow.


Vuel said...

told you white is tiresome to paint..
tu lah, gatal nak buat white scars..hahaha :p

by doc selvam said...

No la bro....something different and some challenge. Hope I can master painting white and I have all the time in the world.
I have finished my Rhino and damn It looks good. I will post the picture soon.

Ivan Ng said...

Good job on the bikes bro. How many bikes you planning to field? I wanted to do an all bike White Scars army for 2010, but decided not to pursue it. Good luck with your new army bro. Can't wait for updates.

Vuel said...

don't get me wrong, a properly painted white army will definitely be awesome..
it's just too much work for me..
looking forward to see this army in K2..

deathkorps said...

White Scars? I've seen people pick the project up and start, only to crash against the rocky shores of hobby fatigue. I'm rootin' for ya- can't wait to see the results

khairul said...

Yey!!!!! Go white scars!!!

The army i wanted to do but never got around to doing. You d Man doc!!!

Can't wait to see your progress :)

Love your kelam kabut work desk. I'm more of a neat person hahahaha.

Where r u now doc? I'm leaving back to bkk on 2 jan.. Any chance for teh tarik?

by doc selvam said...

@Jeff- I hope I don't crash out halfway. I have stopped my bikes for awhile and have started on my Assault Marines. Will finish them in a day or two.
@Ivan- I have 6 bikes and 2 assault bikes to start with and have 10 Tactical Marines in a Rhino and 5 Assault Marines. Hope it will make up 750pts for K2.
@ Khairul- I have got a small desk in my cabin to work with...I agree it is got a kelam-kabut look but it has got all the necessary items on it. Very helpful. I am still on-board and will be based in Penang next year, no time for teh tarik this time bro.

by doc selvam said...

@Ivan- Sorry that is 12 bad.
@Vuel- Not doing as bad as I expected with the White colour. Coming up nicely, unless I put it on display next to Jeff's, Khairul's or your models, then it is going to look like .... if you know what I mean.

Vuel said...

well, mine looked like crap when you put them next to Jeff's and Khairul's army..

dif2find said...

awesome work doc.. keep it up. So nextime we can finally have awesome white marine with bike equip with polearm beheading their opponent

Lord AK said...

No wonder you had difficult time. You did it wrongly bro..

You should have spray the white colour before assembling the bikes. That way you wont have to repaint the tyres, handles, footrest and the bases with Chaos Black. That will cut you like 1 hour per bike.

Anyone doing White Scars deserves my respect. Keep it going bro!!

Faizal said...

Nice job so far doc! How bout your D.E? Planning to get more stuffs, like the Helions? They looked awesome! Apa pasal semua orang mau start White Scar nih?

deathkorps said...

I've got faith you'll persevere Doc! :) Looking forward to seeing your work. Don't worry about comparing your army to anyone else's- there's always someone better. Soo Jin's armies put mine to shame!

by doc selvam said...

@LordAK- That is what I did.
Except for the tyres, everything else is not assembled yet. They are still in the sprue with Chaos Black on them.
@Faizal- Hellions, Reaver Jetbikes all look good but S3 T3 only. I tried proxying them and they died like flies bro. Good old Wyches and warriors can still turn the game around.