Monday, December 27, 2010

White Scar Project Part 2- The Rhino & Assault Marines

For the Khan and Emperor!!!!

Sorry to disappoint all of you who were thinking that the Rhino is gonna look all white. Well that would be boring wouldn't it?
The White Scar logo is done free hand coz I hadn't mastered the Decal transfer part yet.
Mr. Jeff Brooks was very helpful on the advice on the Decal transfer and his video on Decal transfers on Youtube was awesome. Thanks Jeff.
Now I gotta get back to the Bikes.....more hobby fun!!!


deathkorps said...

Nice progress dude- keep it up!

Ivan Ng said...

Nice paint scheme on the rhino doc, but the white looks very grainy and think. What color did you use for the basecoat?

by doc selvam said...

I based it with matt white spray.
It just turned out to be like that. Grainy.
I am thinking of having Codex Grey here and there for the bikes also so that they will look uniform.

Vuel said...

I think the graininess is probably because you primed it in a humid environment..

I like the colour scheme, and noticed the fact that you base your miniatures like Yip's..looks like you guys are damn serious of K2..

probably you could add more depth to the grey on the rhino..

Ivan Ng said...

@Doc: I see. I tried the Citadel Skull White spray can and it's crap man. I had 2 can's and they both came out like that. Should invest in an airbrush kit. But yeah Codex Grey would be better for whites. Keep up the good work bro.

khairul said...

3rd company white scars :)

Red always looks better with red huh doc!!! So is korsarro in yr list?

How many points are u targeting for this army?

Nice progress doc!!!!! Put me to shame.....

Lord AK said...

You're doing great bro.. and so in line with Yip's. I foresee another People's Choice candidate here :)

dif2find said...

very nice progree doc.. keep it up. Can wait to go againts it. :)

by doc selvam said...

I had no idea that his models also had the snowy base till I have finished my Assault Marines. Hope they complement each other on the battlefield.
@Vuel- I think you are right. I did spray them in my cabin toilet, coz I didn't have any where else to do it.
@Khairul- If allowed then Kor'saro Khan will definitely be in. Still waiting for the rule pack.

deathkorps said...

I've had rotten luck with GW White Primer. I'd suggest trying another brand. For white models I've been priming in grey and then airbrushing white. Try Mr Hobby or Tamiya Flat White