Tuesday, May 3, 2011

....and war is a fluid situiation.

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.....and war is a fluid situiation.

And in war, armies have to invent and reinvent themselves to rise above the rest, and to emerge as victors. Thus, the Swords of Jaghatai have their own way of inventing themselves...for the Khan and Emperor!


khairul said...

Looking good Doc :)

When will u be back bro?? Dah lama tak jumpa ni...

N where r u at the moment?? Medd area?? bahaya tu...banyak lanun!!!

Take care man.

Lord AK said...

I tried that once but tak jadi. Since then never try again hahaha.
Much respect to you for that.

Do them nicely bro. Coz one day the Swords of Jagathai will be slaves to my Kabal. My Archon likes his slaves neat and pretty hahaha!

deathkorps said...

Very cool- any chance you can post bigger pics so we can see more detail? They look great!

by doc selvam said...

@Khairul- I am based in Penang, bro. You back for good?
@Lord AK- Soon the DEs will be meet the end of the sword.
@Jeff- Thanks bro. I will try to enlarge the pics.