Tuesday, February 15, 2011

White Scar Commander - Jaghatai Khan.

The White Scar Commander on his bike.

Somehow I felt that the Space Marine bike for the commander was not 'wild' enough. So I had the bike converted, befitting a White Scar Commander. A little cutting and gluing was done to produce this, with still some finishing touches to be made.

Frontal view....well! That will be the last thing most of his enemy will see.


deathkorps said...

So this is your model for the Primarch? It's a wild look for the bike!

Lord AK said...

Adorn it with skulls!!.. lots of it!!

Vuel said...

looks like a backward tricycle from the side..but definitely intimidating from the front..

khairul said...

Nice conversion bro :)

R we gonna see this model terrorizing opponents at K2?

by doc selvam said...

Thanks guys!
@Jeff- For the moment he is the primarch, till I come up with even crazier conversion. Since no one has seen the moondrakkan or lived to tell about it; let me present to you.....Moondrakkan.
@Lord AK- No la bro, then it will look like Chaos SM.
@Vuel- Still secretive about your army I presume. DE?
@Khairul- Most definitely.

Vuel said...

secretive?..no lah..
already announce it to the world that I'll be playing Eldar, not their fallen kindred..