Monday, January 3, 2011

Kor'sarro Khan

Kor'saro Khan leading the Swords of Jag'hatai to battle.


deathkorps said...

Sweet! I never imagined him bald, but you've got a nice take on him.

Vuel said...

nice sword!

khairul said...

Wow're making me more and more regretful of sidelining(perhaps permanently) my white scars army.

Nice model and painting there!!!

by doc selvam said...

Didn't expect to turn out this well either....actually spent a lot of time on this.
@Deathkorps- Temporary converted model. Soon I will get the original Kor'sarro Khan model and convert him to be on a Bike...yeah chop him up.
@Vuel- Relic blade....Moonfang.
@Khairul- A lot of work painitng white, especially when you make a mistake and want to mask it.
I never used so much skull white in my life before.

Ivan Ng said...

Good work Doc, really like how the army is coming together.

spunkybass said...

nice work! Looking forward to see the rest of the army up