Sunday, January 30, 2011

Swords of Jaghatai- Commander and command squad

The progress has been slow but surely the Scars are coming.

Company Standard and Scar with Ironfist.


khairul said...

Nice progress doc!!

You'll be using them for K2 rite?

How's abt a sneak preview or your expandables :)

Send privately to my email if u want to keep it under wraps hehee

deathkorps said...

Nicely done dude :)

by doc selvam said...

@Khairul- The models are still being painted. Maybe I will send you the fluff first and the photo of the models later.
@Jeff- Thanks...also a big thanks for teaching me how to transfer the Decals. See the White Scar Logo on the commander's bike?

I am waiting for 6 more bikes from Yip... I will be using them for K2 and for later 40K games this year.

Faizal said...

I love the bikes! Keep it up doc!